Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Perfect: Red Lip

The beginning of lipstick started in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamian men and women used to adorn their lips with crushed semi-precious stones. Though Cleopatra is the one to create the perfect scarlet red to apply to her lips by crushing together ants and beetles...not very ideal, but it worked back then! The love of the perfect red lip still continues to be a beauty staple in the beauty world. And today, I'm gonna give you some tips and tricks to how to create the perfect red lip.  

Now that we have a little history lesson, let's get started with the lips!

Always moisturized before any lip application! A strong lip can be completely ruined by dried/cracked lips. For this you can use your favorite lip moisturizer. For this I used my Carmex.

Before applying any lipstick, a lip liner is a necessity. Lip liner keeps lipstick from feathering out of the lip-line, helps your lipstick last longer, and evens out your lip color for perfect application.

CoverGirl: Lip Perfection in Seduce

Line your lips carefully with the liner, and fill in your lips if you desire.

And now for your choice of red! I prefer to have a matte red, dark lipstick.

Nars: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

Apply evenly all over your lips, on top of the lip liner.

Clinique: Beyond Perfection- Concealer & Foundation

Since red is such a dramatic color for your lips, you want extra sharp lines. For this you wanna take your concealer or even a little foundation, and line in carefully around your lipstick and lips. And evenly blend it out.

Now you can stop there and keep it matte with a slight velvet sheen. But I like to add some gloss!

Buxom: Full-On Lip Polish in Sophia

Apply evenly on your red lipstick. This lipgloss will also help plump your lips, adds to a great red lip.

     Your perfect red lip tutorial is complete!       

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