Monday, October 19, 2015

FabFitFun Fall Subscription Box!

I have this crazy obsession with subscription boxes that are beauty and fashion related. I've seen a lot of posts for FabFitFun, I decided to take the plunge and try it out! So far, I'm not disappointed.Not only do you get beauty items, you get fitness equipment, gadgets, jewelry, and great lifestyle products! 

$200 Value for Only $49.99! Premium products 4x a year! 

Let's explore this Falls subscription box! 

  • Doctor D Schwab: Flawless Skin Fluid.  

A lightweight moisturizer that will help even out your skin-tone, help you achieve a youthful looking, flawless glow in your skin. Peptides in this product with help balance and brighten your skin and help improve the appearance of unwanted pigmentation. 

You can purchase your very own bottle of this highly moisturizing, lightweight face lotion here..

  • Passport To Beauty: Gold Radiance Facial Mask.

This is probably the best facial mask I've used in a long time. Most face mask are either too dry or too much product. This mask if the perfect amount! And when the name was Gold Radiance, it means it. The entire face mask is gold. Made of Collagen and Rosa Damascena Flower Oil. You unfold the mask onto your entire face and let the moisture soak in for 20 minutes. It's said to brighten, restore, and rejuvenate to create glowing skin. 

You can experience your own luxury by buying your own mask @ Passport2Beauty.

  • Manna Kadar Cosmetics: Priming Gloss Stain - Lucky

A very highly pigmented lipgloss, perfect for everyday. This lipgloss contains Vitamin A & E, and Berry Extract. It keeps your lips moisturized, you can either use this Liplock to prime your lips for other lip colors, or wear it on its own. 

This Priming Gloss Stain in Lucky and other colors can be purchased here..

  • Merrithew: Strength Tubing: Ankle/Small Cuff

Exercising it good for keeping your health and body in good shape. You don't have to be a power-mad exerciser, but taking time out of your day to get your heart beat going a little faster isn't a bad thing! This Strength Tubing exercise equipment is perfect for beginners, you can use it anywhere, without any extra equipment or space. A CD is along with the equipment, this will help you learn how to use it properly. 

To get your exercising in motion you can purchase this easy to use workout piece @  

  • Hisy: Portable Power Bank

I'm pretty sure everyone needs one of these in their lives, especially if you use your phone often. It's a portable charger, for pretty anything that fits into the port: Iphones, Androids, Portable Gaming Systems, Bluetooth devices, MP3 players. It can hold a charge long enough to fully charge your phone, just remember you have to charge it through an outlet first! 

This awesome gadget can be purchased here.. 

  • Tappan Collective: Umbrella 


Perfect for the Fall weather that I hope comes real soon! Definitely need the rain here in California. Hopefully getting this umbrella will help embrace it more! It's so cute and bright, perfect to help you stand out in a storm.   

  • Tribe Alive: Cut Crystal Beaded Bracelet 

I love getting jewelry, this is such a simple, yet beautiful bracelet. It's perfect to go with anything you're wearing. 14k Gold filled chain, with real glass beads. 

This beautiful piece of jewelry and other pieces can be purchased @ shoptribealive

There is an important cause that's apart of these Falls Subscription Box. Domestic Violence. This is something that happens all over the country, and awareness of this is very important. The color of this cause is Purple, 1 in 4 women will be a victim of Domestic Violence in her lifetime. And this is a scary percentage. To show that you support the end to Domestic Violence they send in your subscription box a purple charm to attach to your purse. If you are not a member of FabFitFun, you can still show support by using the color purple. To learn more about this cause go to

Along with all these amazing items, you can some extra bonuses! 

  • Total Body Tone: Video on the Strength Tubing
  • $15 GiftCard to
  • Crest Toothpaste: 3D White Sample Duo
  • Picture It On Canvas: Voucher up to $75 Value. 

Hope you enjoyed exploring my Fall FabFit Fun Subscription Box! You can get $10 OFF when you subscribe using this link! $10 off here!