Friday, April 28, 2017

Updated Skin Care Routine

  So I change my skin care routine so often that I usually don't post about it, or else there would be a new blog post every week! But I've been obsessed with some products I've been using for the past few weeks, and some products have been in my staple routine for years!

So Pixi came out with collaborations with many different people! And I got my hands on pretty much every collab product there is. The Pixi product I've recently added to my skin care routine is; Pixi + Caroline Hirons-Double Cleanse.

This product is a 2 in 1 cleanser. The first step is a solid cleansing oil, once it hits the heat of your skin it instantly melts into a liquid. The second step is a cleansing cream. This product literally melts the makeup right off! Even waterproof makeup.

After fully cleansing with step one, it took off all of my eye and face makeup, it usually takes many products to remove my makeup, but with just the first step, it's instant!

Next is to use step 2. the cleansing cream. Since step 1 removed my makeup the first time so well, the cleansing cream is like an extra cleanse boost!

Now no cleanser is perfect, and any extra clean up is always good for the skin! For this reason I use a toner every time I wash my face, it helps put back your natural ph of your skin, and remove any excess cleanser, dirt and makeup left behind. The toner I used has been my go-to toner for years, it has never given my skin any problems! It's the Clinique: Clarifying Lotion 2.


As you can see on this cotton round, there was still residue and makeup left on my skin..

Now for the fun, masks...My obsession, I buy masks more often then I would like to admit. But every week there is a mask day, and today I chose to try a brand new one I bought from Target; Get Your Glow On; Peel Mask. This mask is meant to brighten your skin, unclog pores and rid any breakouts.

After you leave the mask on for up to 15 minutes the fun begins...peeling it off. Make sure when you first apply the mask to steer clear from your eyes and hair such as hair-line and eyebrows.

After you remove the mask, a little toner on a cotton round can help remove any excess residue from the mask.

Time to add some hydration! My go-to face moisturizer is Neutrogena: Night Cream. It hydrates and makes my skin feel so smooth!

That wraps up my skin care routine! I don't have perfect skin, but I like to keep it well maintained as much as possible. There's a number one rule to keeping your skin clear ladies! Take off your makeup before bed!

Left Side: Before. Right Side: After