Saturday, September 26, 2015

14 Piece Signature Brush Set- BH Cosmetics!

Most of my makeup in packed up in storage, and a girl can never have too many brushes anyways... So I made the decision to buy some more! 

BH Cosmetics has high quality, very affordable makeup and makeup tools. Which is mainly why I went to them for more brushes. For only $20.00 I got a great variety of brushes in this 14 piece set. 

1. Powder Brush: Perfect size brush to apply your setting powder. I personally love it for blush, only need a few sweeps to apply!

2. Flat Contour Brush: I find this brush perfect for blush on the cheeks as well, a little too big in my opinion for detailed contouring. It's also a great buffer brush. 

3. Domed Buffing Brush: I prefer this brush as my setting powder brush, the bristles are too soft and flimsy to get a good buffing in.

4. Small Contour Brush: Now this is the perfect brush for precision contouring, and it's soft enough that it doesn't require another brush for extra blending. 

5. Angled Blush Brush: I prefer this brush for contouring larger areas of my face, such as forehead and along the jawline. 

6. Tapered Blending Brush: This is the perfect brush for softly blending out the edges of eye shadow. Bristles are not strong enough to do hardcore blending. 

7. Crease Shading Brush: Great brush for adding darker shadows into the crease little by little. The bristles are soft enough that not too much shadow goes on at once. 

8. Large Flat Shadow & Concealer Brush: I don't like this brush for eye shadows, it doesn't pack on the color like I would prefer. But it's soft enough for easy blending when using concealer. 

9. Medium Flat Shadow & Concealer Brush: Perfect all over size shadow brush, bristles are soft enough to apply only a small amount of color to the lid. Great for more natural looks. 

10. Tapered Smudger Brush: The brush is small enough and soft enough to use as a lip brush, the shape and flimsy bristles are too difficult to use with eye shadows. 

11. Small Detailing Brush: I love this brush for shadows going underneath the eye, it's soft enough that it doesn't irritate the eye seeing as though you can get very close to the lash-line. 

12. Angled Brow Brush: I don't apply makeup to my brows anymore, but this would be the perfect shadow liner brush, and it's soft enough to blend as you apply. 

13. Bent Fine Liner Brush: I love when eyeliner brushes have a bend like this one, makes application so much easier! 

14. Spooley Brush: One of my staple brushes I need to have in my collection, I love this brush! Totally helps you clean up the crazy brows and keep them in line. 

An extra perk with this 14 Piece Brush Set: Travel Case! It's easy to pack, perfect size and keeps all of your brushes together. There's even some room to add any other brushes you love! 

If you're looking for good brushes at a very reasonable price then definitely try out the brushes from